I'M BACK!!!! Watch this space!

My puppy, Kishi.

    Hello, and welcome to my site. PV Enterprises is a small venture that I've undertaken for a couple of reasons. First, it seemed a natural extension of my "computer expert" status among friends, family and co-workers that I've had for several years now. Second, I'm using it as advanced career planning. By starting this business now and patiently building a word-of-mouth customer base, I should be able to step out of government service fairly painlessly, and into PV Enterprises full-time at some unknown point in the future.


    If you're reading this, you've been sent here specifically by me or a satisfied customer because I don't advertise by any medium. You may wonder exactly what I do, and I'll take this opportunity to clarify that for you. At the present time, PV Enterprises is a service provider only. I am not able to provide merchandise to my clients at this time, although that is a possible area of expansion in the future.  By using the links on the far left, you can access a description of services I provide as well as some other important or interesting information.

    Thanks for stopping in and don't hesitate to make use of the Contact Info link there on your left!