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So, you need a PC and don’t know what to buy, huh? Maybe this will help. Answer the questionnaire and we’ll see what the best choice for you is.

1. Do you already own a PC?

2. Do you think you might need a laptop?

3. How many hours per day will you be on your computer?

4. Will children be using the computer?

5. If so, what are their ages?

6. What kinds of things will you be doing on your computer? (circle all that apply)

a. Word processing

b. Spreadsheets

c. Database

d. Personal Finance

e. Graphic design

f. Games (other than hearts and solitaire)

g. Multimedia and photo editing

h. Surfing the Internet

7. Do you need/want voice recognition capabilities?

8. How much time would have to pass after you purchased your new computer before you wouldn’t feel bad about buying hardware upgrades?

9. How much time each week will the computer be connected to the Internet?

10. Are you interested in alternatives to Microsoft software?

11. How would you rate your current level of computer knowledge? (circle one)

a. Where’s the on/off switch? (computer clueless)

b. What do you mean, “click and drag”? (I know how to type a letter on a PC)

c. When all else fails, hit CTL-ALT-DEL (I know what to do when the PC locks up)

d. Yeah, I can hack the registry (I like to do all the computer mag tips and tricks)

    e. I guess I don’t need you after all (I can do the research and put it together myself)

13. What peripherals do you think you’ll need? (circle all that apply)

a. Printer

b. Scanner

c. Speakers

d. Game controller

e. Internet camera

f. Digital camera

g. Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) like Palm Pilot, Nino or Cassiopeia

14. How much have you budgeted for your new PC?

15. Do you care what it looks like? black or beige?

16. What speed/quality printer do you want? Avg price is about $240

17. You will need some type of backup capability. This comes in many shapes and sizes, and with today's files a 1.44MB diskette doesn't cut it anymore. Of these three recommendations, which do you prefer?

a. SuperDisk/LS-120 which reads regular floppies plus special 120MB floppies.

b. CD-R/RW which can write data or music to a CD

c. Tape drive, which is solely a backup device.

18. Do you have a preference for game controllers? For example, do you prefer the gamepad style or the joystick?

19. If this PC will be co-located with a television, you might want to consider a DVD drive instead of a CD-ROM drive (you can also watch movies on your monitor for that matter). The extra cost is less than $70 total and has some advantages with software as well as movies. Would you be interested in this?

20. Are you aware that there are alternatives to dial-up internet access in many Des Moines area communities that offer much higher connection speeds to the internet? Is US West or TCI providing these services in your area? If so, and you are interested, you wouldn't have to buy a modem for your new PC.

21. You are no doubt familiar with the standard keyboard configuration, but are you aware of the newer "ergonomic" style keyboards that are available? Some people hate them. Some love them. Personally, I love mine. What type do you prefer?