3 December 2003 – That hiatus was a lot longer than I expected, but I'm getting back into it.

5 January 2001 – Thanks for checking out the site.  Sorry there’s no new content, but I’m on an indefinite hiatus.  Contact and link info is still current, and though I may not agree completely with their recommendations, there are links to others’ ideal systems in the Hot Links.

6 June 2000 - OK, OK, I know it's not May anymore and there have been no changes. It's not all my fault though. REALLY! I've been given assurances that my logo has been given new priority after some unfortunate and unavoidable delays. Oops! Did I let part of the surprise slip? Oh well :-) Just a little bit of actual news, as of yesterday AMD has the new Athlon Thunderbird out. It's got 256k of on-chip L2 cache and the retail versions will be in socket form only - sorry you upgraders :-(. Drop me a note by email or guestbook, and take care of yourselves!

26 March 2000 - It's coming in May! Watch for it! Meanwhile, let me know what you think of the website: what do you want to see here? What don't you want to see? How would you like it arranged? Here's a little entertainment for you: Creed


10 January 2000 - What you've been waiting for has begun. The PC Options and Configurations page has been updated! I have a couple more sections to add to it in the next few days - an Average, Low End and Cheap, so check back. Looks like Via has finally announced their next generation Athlon chip, and if it does as well as expected, it will cause much rejoicing and some changes to my recommendations. Let me know what you think! Just click on Contact Info there on the left.

4 January 2000 - Wow! So much to update, so little time. As I said on 29 Jul 99, Y2K=big yawn, but that's one little boredom I can live with :-) Over the next several days, I'll be updating several different pages here on my site. I'll also be trying to think of something special to do for my first WWW anniversary that's coming up very soon!

10 Sep 99 - Just read up on a new virus called W32.CTX or W32.Cholera. It's rare, but kinda cool in a nasty sorta way. As always, this is a reminder to keep your anti-virus software up to date. Have a great weekend!

6 Sep 99 - Microsoft has released a security update for Internet Explorer. Read up on it if you want, just make sure you download and install it if you use IE for surfing the net. Also, while you're here, check out the new look of the site. I've removed the table from the PC Configurations page.

26 Aug 99 - Todays rant is on the subject of safe computing practices. I recently returned from a visit to my mother's place in TX. I make it a point to do some basic maintenance on my family's PC's during these visits, and in this case it had been a LONG time since I'd been able to work on this one. One of the first things I noticed was the lack of anti-virus software on the PC. I knew Mom had some because I was with her when she purchased it. Unfortunately, it wasn't installed. First tip, just having the software isn't enough! It can't protect you while sitting in a box next to your monitor or in a box under your desk. Install it! Second tip, updated it often - at LEAST monthly. If you haven't already guessed, my mother's PC was riddled by at least one variant of the AOL.Trojan virus. I know, you don't have to tell me that AOL sucks, but that's what she's using, and yes, her account information was compromised. The fix? Her entire hard drive had to be reformatted and operating system and programs re-installed. Don't let this happen to you! If you don't have anti-virus software, get some today and update it regularly. If this little rant has made you paranoid and you can't wait to check your system, go to this Online Virus Scanner. When you're ready to install 24 hour protection, this software comes highly recommended. For those of you with no money, I've come across this free anti-virus software, but I don't know how well it works. For more information, check out my hot links. Have a great day and SAFE COMPUTING!

19 Aug 99 - MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Yes, you and I know differently. Christmas is a little ways off yet, but for all of you who have been putting off buying anti-virus software, somebody's got a present for you. It's called the "Christmas" virus, and it's payload is similar to Chernobyl. You can read about it here. Also, check out some of the questions that I ask my clients before recommending a PC.

12 Aug 99 - VIRUS ALERT - OK, so it's actually a Worm program. It is usually showing up in email as MONOPOLY.VBS. Don't open, alright? If you want more info, check here Monopoly at Symantec. On a lighter note, next week should mark the consumer release of the best new PC processor in the world - and it's not made by Intel. I predict the Athlon will be AMD's saving grace, and if you know anything about the CPU industry, you know I'm taking a leap of faith here. When an Athlon 600 and Pentium III 600 went head-to-head, the Athlon kicked some major butt. If you peruse my Hotlinks under Review Resources, you'll find enough information there to keep you busy for hours! Finally, on a personal note, my wife and I happily celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary this month!

29 Jul 99 - Happy Birthday to my G'ma Margie in Maxwell! Sorry it's been so long since the last update (check out Basic PC Configurations), but things should be looking up for awhile for site updates. A couple new things to be looking for: Ultra DMA 66 - a new hard drive specification that is becoming more common; AMD's new Athlon - this could be the Pentium III killer that brings AMD to profitability; Y2K will be such a yawn for the vast majority of us, but do yourself a favor and backup your data (like Quicken) even more regularly in the coming months. Hope to have you visit again soon! If you haven't already, please sign my Guestbook!

15 Apr 99 - A few words on a pet peeve of mine. VIRUS HOAXES. Fortunately, the latest one I received wasn't a dire warning, but a suspicious person Asking if it was for real before forwarding it on to "all the people in your address book". Reading the text of the "It takes guts to say 'Jesus'" message, I was sure it was a hoax. A quick trip to Computer Virus Myths Homepage confirmed it. I would advise anyone who gets a "Virus Warning" message that includes instructions to forward it to everyone you know to check that site before needlessly worrying others with it. Have a GREAT day!

28 Mar 99 - VIRUS ALERT for users of Microsoft Word. Melissa Macro Virus Info In a nutshell, if you have MS Word and are using MS Outlook for email, this can automatically send itself to people in your address book in a message with a lot of links to porn sites. This could be especially embarassing when the email goes to a company's clients

27 Mar 99 - A few changes today. Changed the PC Components layout a bit as well as the PC Options. Hope to have some price updates soon, so check back. Don't forget to sign the guestbook on the Contacts page

1 Mar 99 - There's a lot to celebrate today! My wife celebrates her birthday today and this is the first full month for the operation of www.pventerprises.com. On the other hand, my schedule just got a whole lot busier because classes start again tonight at Grand View College. It's going to be a rough six weeks :-). Next time I'll probably have something a little more substantive to say, so check back!