I provide consultation to prospective PC buyers or those wishing to upgrade their present systems.  I interview them to best determine their individual needs based upon their intended use, special processing requirements (e.g.; Computer Aided Drafting), special needs caused by any physical impairments (e.g.; poor eyesight, Repetitive Stress Injury), and budget.

    Based upon the information I get, I make recommendations for new hardware or software that I feel will suit them best.  My recommendations also take into account independent reviews of a variety of items that may be needed by the client, as well as the price vs. performance issues that come up when determining hardware requirements.


    Once the client has made a decision, I then will help them obtain the necessary items by doing the comparison shopping and providing them with purchase details.  The clients then make their purchase(s) from independent third parties.


    If purchasing individual components rather than a complete system was the client's decision, I can also provide the service of assembly, installation and configuration of said components and software.   Finally, I can provide training in many of the standard programs to get my clients off to a smooth start.

DISCLAIMER!:  Some manufacturers require upgrades or repairs be performed by authorized service personnel only.  I am not an authorized repair agent for ANYBODY.  If your system is under warranty and you have me work on the hardware, it's AT YOUR OWN RISK of Voiding that Manufacturer's Warranty.  When in doubt, call them.