I'm who to call when you're at your wits end trying to figure out why something doesn't work like it did or like it was advertised to.   Don't forget to exhaust your free resources first!  For example, Gateway offers lifetime telephone support for their products.  If you've purchased new hardware or software, by all means call them for help to get it set up.  When those options don't work, or you're just tired of dealing with it, that's where I come in.   If it's just plain broken and out of warranty, I can probably help there, too (see Builds & Upgrades).


DISCLAIMER!:  Some manufacturers require upgrades or repairs be performed by authorized service personnel only.  I am not an authorized repair agent for ANYBODY.  If your system is under warranty and you have me work on the hardware, it's AT YOUR OWN RISK of Voiding that Manufacturer's Warranty.  When in doubt, call them.